Simple and Painless DIY Teeth Impressions take 5 Minutes. Extra Free Impression Materials if they are not accurate on your first try. Please print out the impression instructions so you can follow along with the videos before attempting to take your impression. Click Here to view the instructions in printable PDF format.

Taking a quality impression is vital because we need an exact replica of your teeth so we can make a quality product.
Read instructions completely before you start your impression. Click below for instructions.

Taking Teeth Impressions of UPPER Teeth

UPPER TEETH Instructional Video

Step 1: 
Stand in front of a mirror and take out the impression trays. The upper tray is solid across the top.


Step 2: Take the upper tray and fit it over your teeth in the center of the tray to make sure you see how it feels and fits. Remove from your mouth and set aside.


Step 3: Open two sets of the purple and white impression material (putty).


Step 4: Knead the pieces of putty together for 1 minute (60 seconds) with your fingertips.


Step 5: Roll the putty into a log (or finger shape). Load the putty into the upper tray and spread the putty evenly, filling from edge to edge (all parts of the inside of the tray) with your fingertips.


Step 6: Place the tray over the center of your teeth, using your fingers gently push or press the tray all the way up over your teeth until the tray stops. The most common mistake is that the tray is pushed too far into the mouth and the front teeth are not in the center arch of the tray. Allow your upper lip to rest over the top of the tray.

Step 7: Let the putty harden for 4 minutes while it is on or over your teeth.

Step 8: Open your mouth and pull straight down to remove tray from teeth and then pull tray forward to remove from your mouth.

Step 9: Place the impression tray and putty into the plastic bag provided. (Do not remove putty from the tray. Do not seal the plastic bag.)

Step 10: Return by mail in the pre-paid priority box along with the disclaimer.

Taking Teeth Impressions of LOWER Teeth

LOWER TEETH Instructional Video

The WRONG & RIGHT Way to Take Teeth Impressions

The following impressions on the left are impressions that have been taken improperly. To the right, is what it should have looked like. Please look closely and read why they are wrong:

1. PROBLEM: Did not push the tray far enough over the teeth. Impression on the right is how it should look.

2. PROBLEM: Did not spread the impression putty throughout the entire tray. Impression on the right is how it should look.

3. PROBLEM: Did not push the try deep enough over the entire teeth and gums. Impression on the right is how it should look.

4. PROBLEM: Pulled the impression putty out of the tray. Impression on the right is how it should look.

5. PROBLEM: Did not mix the impression putty together thoroughly for (1) minute before placing impression putty into the tray. Impression on the right is how it should look.


If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-454-3116 to speak to a Certified Technician or send us a message using our contact form. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

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