Teeth Devices That We Offer

We also offer simple removable teeth devices and digitally store the impressions for repeat orders.

We have been manufacturing teeth devices for over 35 years and all of the completed devices are quality controlled and adjusted by certified dental lab technicians. The teeth devices are all made with FDA certified materials that are the best quality available. We offer simple removable teeth devices that are listed below where little to no adjustments are needed once your customer receives them.

The removable teeth devices that we offer are:
Clear Aligners
Hawley Retainers
Invisible Retainers
Partial Dentures
Night Guard for Grinders
Night Guard for Clinchers
Sports Guards
Whitening Trays

We also have state-of-the-art digital scanning equipment and software and scan each impression and store it so there is no need for additional impressions for repeat orders.

For pricing, please contact us by filling out the Contact Form on the Contact Us page of the website by clicking the tab below.

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