We are now offering dentists the opportunity to sell teeth devices online which includes an E-commerce website, the CRM (Salesforce), and Google SEO marketing with no money down.

Over the past five years, we have been working with dentists to build a streamlined online process where they could provide simple teeth devices to current and potential patients from their homes. The reason for this endeavor was for these purposes.

  1. To prevent them from losing the teeth device sales to online giants such as Smile Direct Club.
  2. So they can provide the public with the convenient from home solution that they desire.
  3. Reduce office chair time for simple low-profit teeth devices.
  4. Provide the perfect marketing tool for finding new patients for their private practice.
  5. It is predicted that within 3 years, the public will be able to take an oral scan of their teeth using a unit that plugs into their phone. Making home dentistry even simpler.

We feel that we have now perfected this online process in every aspect from ordering the device online, managing the entire order and shipping a completed quality device that needs little or no adjusting. We handle all of the order fulfillment and you handle the customer service so that you are in contact with the website customer so you can turn them into a private practice patient.


We provide you with a fully functional e-commerce website that is live and thoroughly tested. The website is mapped to the CRM (Salesforce) where you will provide the customer service through email communication to become familiar with the customer so you can convert them into a patient. We also provide Google SEO and Google Analytics and you will be responsible for the additional marketing options.

  • The client places an order on the website.
  • We ship the appropriate impression kit to your clients.
  • Your staff approves clients’ emailed impressions and creates them a return shipping label inside of Salesforce. The shipping label has our address so we will receive the impressions.
  • Our lab completes the device & ships it to the client or your office.
  • We offer a complimentary adjustment or a free remake to achieve the perfect fit.
  • We provide the impression kit and device, and all you have to offer is customer service. All of the details of the order are easily retrievable in Salesforce where you will be answering their emailed questions from the website.
  • We send regular, personalized email updates to your clients throughout the ordering process. A complete list of those emails can be found below.
  • An email when the impression kit is shipped with the tracking number.
  • An email letting your customer know that their impression kit was delivered.
  • An email once a week encouraging them to take their impressions.
  • An email with a return shipping label once their impressions have been approved.
  • An email thanking your customer for shipping us their impressions with the tracking number.
  • An email when we receive their impressions.
  • An email when we send their device to the lab to be manufactured letting them know the estimated date of completion.
  • 3 emails counting down the days until the completed device will be back from the lab. They are sent every 3 days.
  • An email with the tracking number when we ship them the completed device.
  • An email letting them know that the device has been delivered.
  • An email with a return shipping label if an adjustment is required.
  • An email with the tracking number when they ship us the adjustment.
  • An email when the device is sent to the lab to be adjusted and the estimated date that it will be back from the lab.
  • 3 emails counting down the days until the adjustment will be back from the lab. They are sent every 3 days.
  • An email when we ship them the completed adjustment with the tracking number.
  • An email when the adjustment has been delivered.

We will provide the Main Domain website that includes city Landing Pages for each of the cities where you have a practice location. Please click on the button below and you will be forwarded to a sample website named TeethDevices.com. As you can see, this website has the option for the customer to select the city where your dental office is located. The customers are able to select the city location from the Navigation Bar and from the drop-down menu Box on the Home Page. Since the marketing will be done primarily in the cities near your dental office locations, the customers of the website can easily be converted into patients.

Most of the other online teeth device providers are not affiliated with dentists which we do not feel is the correct way of operating online. We feel that it is vital that online teeth device customers have a dental office available for them to visit should they have any needs during the From Home process. This is why we are only affiliated with dentists that have offices near the customers so they can be properly cared for throughout the entire process.

Each website will already be set up with Google SEO and Google Analytics. You will only be responsible for additional marketing expenses. You will only need to do marketing to current patients or new website customers in the cities near one of your dental offices. Some options include setting up Email Campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Radio and TV ads. Most dental offices are familiar with online marketing but we will be happy to offer guidance in these areas.

Affiliate Pricing

There are no fees to get started. You are simply required to provide us with a minimum of $5,000 in monthly lab fees for each city that there is a city Landing Page for on the website. This $5,000 in monthly lab fees can be from both the website and your private practice. For example, if you have an office in Dallas, Texas, you could reach the $5,000 in monthly lab fees from what we bill you for fulfilling orders from the Dallas Landing Page of the website and cases that you send us from your private practice located in Dallas, Texas. If you do not reach the $5,000 monthly requirement, we would simply bill you for the balance.

Product Fulfillment Pricing

Please contact us for the prices that you will be billed for us shipping the required impression kit and the completed teeth device to your customer.

Get Started with Teeth Impression Kits

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