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Your patient takes impressions from their home.

Your business or practice purchases our FDA approved, dental-office quality impression kits directly from us. We provide upper, lower and combination impression kits packaged and ready to deliver to your patients or customers.
We also provide your clients with an instructional website complete with video tutorials and photos of the impression taking process to ensure that you get the best impression, every time.

You simply mail your patient a teeth impression kit that is required for their specific teeth device, they take their impressions, using the Teeth Impression Guide website that is described below. They email your office photos of the impressions for approval and once approved, mail them back to your office to have the device made.

Our impression kits are made with 100% FDA approved materials. Each impression kit includes:
(3) upper or lower impression trays (small, medium and large)
(1) set of silicone impression which is enough putty for one impression
(1) extra set of silicone putty in the event the first one is not accurate
(1) Materials Safety Sheet for Silicone Putty
(1) Specimen bag for shipping impression

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Teeth Impressions Guide Website for your Customers

We have built a website where you send your customers for complete step by step color photos and videos of the teeth impression taking process. This website was built exclusively for our teeth impression kit customers where the supplies in the kit are the ones used and required in the instructions.

Over the past five years, we have developed impression taking instructions that produce an accurate impression 95% of the time on the first try.
This is an outstanding number since most of the 95% of the people have never taken an impression of their own teeth. For the other 5% that are not able to get an accurate impression on their first try, there is an extra set of putty in each impression kit which allows them to get an accurate impression on the second try.

We provide color impression taking pictures and videos for both the upper impression and the lower impression to make it extremely easy for the customer to follow and understand the process. The videos and pictures for the upper and lower impression taking process are divided into 2 easy steps. The first step explains how to select the proper size of tray that best fits over your teeth between the provided small, medium and large sizes that are included in each impression kit. The second step explains how to mix the impression putty, fill the impression tray and how to push the tray over the teeth.


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